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Английский по скайпу с носителем языка.

Подход к изучению английского должен быть продуманным и правильным. Начиная с уровня pre-intermediate, целесообразно включить в процесс обучения уроки английского с носителем языка, который всегда сможет показать на собственном примере правильное произношение и моментально исправит Ваши ошибки.

Такая интенсивная практика дает хороший результат и повышает разговорный уровень обучающегося в разы. На сегодняшний день можно изучать английский по скайпу с носителем языка, не тратя время на дорогу или поездку в языковую школу или к репетитору. Подобные занятия проходят довольно интересно и естественно, погружая студента с головой в новую культуру, помогая преодолеть в короткие сроки языковой барьер. Воспринимать английский с носителем языка по скайпу, когда занятия проходят индивидуально, намного проще, чем в групповом классе.

Индивидуальные занятия английским языком по коммуникативной методике намного быстрее развивает у людей возможности восприятия английской речи на слух и навыки говорения.

Вы полностью погружаетесь в атмосферу общения и не ждете своей очереди общения с учителем. Такое обучение не создает барьер «учитель-ученик», а создает простую дружескую атмосферу общения.

Разговорный английский за несколько недель - это реальность, которую так легко можно достичь каждому человеку!


I am an experienced English teacher and attorney admitted to practice in Arizona, USA. I hold a J.D. in Law from the GGU University in San Francisco and have been teaching English for over 16 years. I have a Bachelors with Honors in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and a Masters with Honors in English and American Literature. I worked as an attorney in Arizona and taught English in a private language school in Berkeley, California. My courses were designed for students and working adults from non-English speaking countries and involved all levels of language skills, depending on students needs and goals.

I like using a variety of teaching tools and create personalized courses and programs for each student, according to ones needs and aspirations. Being an avid language learner myself and having studied several foreign languages, I enjoy helping others learn. Through my own learning-teaching experience I have developed an array of methods and techniques that I have found to be most effective. In addition to teaching General English, I teach Business and Legal English. I also prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, FCE & CAE.

I currently live in Germany where I teach legal English and law, work as a translator and editor. I enjoy hiking with my dog, drawing, crafts, reading, learning foreign languages and writing. I have published several essays dealing with social and political issues. Sign up for a free trial lesson.



I am a native speaker of English and I am an experienced American online English teacher. I hold an undergraduate degree (B.A.) in Economics and English, a Masters in Teaching (M.A.T.) and I completed all requirements for the Phd in Special Education and Instructional Design. I also hold a Masters in Social Science. I have a wealth of experience teaching in international and bilingual school classroom environments.

I can teach General/Conversational English, Business English, IELTS and TOEFL Preparation, Business Writing, Email Etiquette and related skills. My students love my classes because I teach English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in a conversational context with instruction geared to a students proficiency level. My classes are demanding but fun. My homework assignments prove pertinent and helpful.

I seek to tailor my instruction to your specific goals for learning English. I use a lexical approach in my vocabulary teaching in a conversation format and I invite listening, speaking, writing and pronunciation practice as needed. I can build or locate a glossary of vocabulary words for intensive instruction with you–words that have a high frequency of use in your profession. I also have wide access to instructional materials that I can share with you. I take a personal interest in my students and not infrequently I assign homework which I receive by Skype and return by Skype (edited/graded) to my students and/or articles I know will be of interest to students. Sign up for a free trial lesson.



I am a native speaker of English from the United States, with over 10 years of experience teaching and tutoring.  I hold a bachelors degree in geography and geology from Dartmouth College and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate.   For the past 3 and a half years, I have been teaching English in Mexico City.  I have experience teaching business and general English, essay writing, editing, and presentation skills, as well as online classes.  I have also worked with children and teenagers as a tutor, mentor, and ESL teacher. 

 My classes are conversational, and we will practice grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading in practical contexts and situations.  As a teacher, I am demanding but also very patient and kind.  I want my students to succeed and to have fun.  I enjoy getting to know my students and their interests and hobbies, and tailoring my classes to meet their needs.  I like to create a supportive classroom atmosphere where students can feel comfortable communicating in English, while at the same time providing corrections and feedback for students at all times.  I enjoy using creative activities such as games, role-plays, and discussions to make my classes more interactive and fun.   

When Im not teaching, I love to play music (the flute, guitar, and ukulele), and I like to sing.  I love to travel and learn about new cultures.  I am fluent in Spanish and enjoy discussing social and environmental issues.  I love to cook and to spend time outdoors walking, swimming, or hiking.  Sign up for a free trial lesson. 


My name is Jeffrey and Im from Canada. I have a B.A in history and political science and a TEFL certification from Oxford Seminars, in addition to 6 years English teaching experience within the public and private school systems in South Korea, as well as online.

I like to keep my classes as fun and intriguing as possible, so I always use a variety of media during my lessons. By using short videos, audio clips and new articles, as well as books, short stories and comics, I make sure each student is exposed to as large a selection of English materials as possible. And, I always make sure to customize to each students individual needs and interests, while keeping things as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

If you think my style might be helpful to you then I’d be more than happy to help you develop your English abilities. Sign up for a free trial lesson.




Hi, my name is Desiree. 

I am a fully qualified & highly experienced native speaker ESL teacher. I am very passionate about my profession and over my 35 years of teaching I have met wonderful people and made lasting friendships.

I have taught ESL at all levels for conversational, business and examination preparation purposes. My students I believe have always enjoyed my lessons and they certainly have achieved their goals. I am patient and accommodating. In addition I am able to explain logically and clearly and make the vocabulary and grammar easier to understand and use. My interests include travel, art, history, gardening &photography. I hope to be your ESL teacher soon. Sign up for a free trial lesson.




Greetings! I am a mature and professional ESL/ESP instructor from the USA with over five years of both physical and virtual classroom teaching experience in general ESL, business communications, English for job interviews, meetings, presentations and negotiations, and TOEFL, TOEIC and   IELTS test prep coaching to professional adults and international university students in the USA and abroad.

My training and certification in Advanced TESOL and in Business TESOL, combined with my university education in Business Administration and years of classroom and online teaching experience have enabled me to effectively teach ESL with a total immersion philosophy. Utilizing various popular approaches to include the direct and the communicative methods I   make my classes challenging, yet engaging and productive, and I am considered by many to be a fine instructor who is enthusiastic, confident and result-oriented.

Since my specialty is working with intermediate to advance students, I avoid teaching English grammar as a separate course. Instead, I incorporate it into various fun and engaging conversation topics and reading/listening comprehension exercises which Im sure you will enjoy and benefit from. So, sign up for a free trial lesson today so we can meet!




Hi, my name is Shelley and I am a Canadian native English ESL teacher.   I value the importance of communication amongst people all over the world and believe that learning languages can be lots of fun!  I have a B.B.A. (Business Administration) and I am internationally certified in TESOL, TESL and TEFL. I have been teaching ESL in Mexico for the past 2.5 years, and I am currently teaching in a local language school and via SKYPE. I have worked with students of all abilities and ages.  Prior to teaching English, I worked in the business world with the Federal Government of Canada, in Administration and Finance for over 15 years.

Having traveled through Europe, Guatemala and Mexico, I understand first-hand the many challenges one faces when learning and communicating in a foreign language. In turn, I am able to help English language students overcome these challenges and gain confidence in their communication. As English has become such an important skill for connecting with the world at large, be it for business, education or pleasure, it is an important language to learn. 

I look forward to discussing your personal goals and will ensure that you meet all of them.  I would like to teach you to feel comfortable using English and speaking with confidence; in the classroom, in the office, at home or on the street; at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level or whatever your level of English may be.  I enjoy helping students to improve pronunciation, grammar, and conversation in English.  I am a Dynamic and Professional internationally experienced ESL teacher, who absolutely loves teaching ESL. I connect well with all of my students at an amazing level, which helps with the learning experience. I want to help you to sound your best when communicating in English! Sign up for a free trial lesson.



I was born in England to an English family. I started teaching Computer Science in 1989 and changed to teaching English to speakers of other languages in 2003 after moving to Thailand. I am a qualified TESOL teacher and have been teaching English for over 7 years. I have experience of teaching in Britain, Thailand, Oman, UAE, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

My English lessons will start with a trial lesson when I will get to know your abilities in English and how best to progress with your lessons. Together we will plan your course and work out your individual requirements. I use a variety of material to make the lessons interesting including, written exercises, current events, general articles focussing on subjects relevant to the students needs (for example, business plans, holiday plans, creating a CV and applying for a job, or moving to another country to study).

I have a long and varied teaching background and especially enjoy teaching English. I have years of practice teaching business English as well as years of practice teaching academic English. I can prepare you to communicate in business or for university in another country. I speak British English and will be happy to prepare you for communicating in Europe. I really enjoy teaching and am happy to help other people advance in life. My interests include computing and nature. Sign up for a free trial lesson.



I am from the United States, but have lived in many places around the world. Currently, I am living in Hawaii where I am the Principal of a local English school. I have a BA in Liberal Arts, certification in TESOL, and an MA in Musicology. I have taught English as a Foreign Language for over 10 years and music for 30.

I am passionate about teaching people of all nationalities, cultures, and creeds. I believe that communication in all its forms to be universal and vastly influential in crossing social, religious, and philosophic barriers. However, I also believe that learning should be fun. My goal is to put each student at ease so that learning English is a natural and painless process. In order to accomplish this, we will begin with a trial lesson at which time we will chat about your background and your reasons for wanting to improve your English proficiency. Together we will map out your course.

I teach general and business English, as well as exam preparation utilizing a wide variety of materials. I speak American English and will point out the differences between American and British English and why it is difficult at times to understand Americans from different parts of the country. By doing so, your listening and speaking skills will be sharper, and communicating will become easier. I look forward to meeting you. Sign up for a free trial lesson.


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